Federal Judge Cecilia Altonaga issues

three summary judgment rulings

in Civil Rights case of

LOZMAN versus City of North Bay Village


Order Summary Judgment City of North Bay Village


Order Summary Judgment Roland Pandolphi


Order Summary Judgment Alan Dorne and Irving Heller




Dugger Dumped!

Dugger arrested charged with 1 felony and seven misdemeanors on November 26th, 2003!

Governor Jeb Bush removes Dugger from office
 December 12th, 2003!


We all did it !  Thank you for your support!

  **** August 1, 2005, Dugger found guilty by

Judge Cristina Pereyra-Shuminer****

Sentenced to two years probation,

400 hours of community service,

and $13,660 plus court costs!  Also must

go through two year pretrial diversion

program which prohibit him from

holding public office!


My recall campaign against 

Mayor Al "Dictator" Dorne is over!  

Two more corrupt politicians go down!

Mayor Dorne and Commissioner Abecassis are arrested    and resign!  

Police Chief Irving Heller, Dorne's best friend, is let go after a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) investigation shows that he drew and mailed me disgusting, pornographic cartoons.



Corrupt Commissioner Robert A. Dugger cry for help:

Coletta help me, I am broke! I am a tax deadbeat!


   Adolph Perrone Coletta



Miami New Times story October 2nd, 2003

Thug Meets Pug  by Francisco Alvarado

Big Al Coletta thought he ruled North Bay Village-until he picked a fight with a computer geek named Fane





Miami New Times story

October 9th, 2003

Thug Meets Pug, Part 2  by Francisco Alvarado

North Bay Village cops pull the trigger



Vote of No Confidence Letter from the men and women of the North Bay Village Police Department calling for the immediate resignation of Commissioner Robert Dugger



Miami New Times   October 9th, 2003

Letter to the Editor, from Fane Lozman

Over the Edge in North Bay Village




Miami New Times story

October 30th, 2003

Thug Meets Pug, Part 3  by Francisco Alvarado

Bob Dugger's troubles don't end with his political shenanigans 




Not only is the State Attorney's Office investigating Dugger for possible violations of public-corruption laws, but his private business is being scrutinized by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The IRS is after him for at least $360,000 in back taxes, and two weeks ago, following publication of a New Times story detailing Dugger's questionable conduct as a public official ("Thug Meets Pug," October 2), 25 North Bay Village police officers signed a petition demanding that he resign from the city commission. 


Miami New Times story

December 11th, 2003

Arrested Development  by Francisco Alvarado

Residents rejoice, 

but handcuffs don't humble Bob Dugger 





11 March 2004 New Times

"Avenging Angel of North Bay Village"

Misbehave and Fane Lozman will bust your ass.

by Francisco Alvarado





Coletta's  criminal rap sheet. Six aliases, bribery of a police office, pimping, assault, stolen property, and so on.  File is in pdf.

View Dugger's "I am a tax deadbeat" 
Federal Tax Liens

View Dugger's Statement of Financial Interests forms he filed with the Supervisors of Elections for his 1988, 2000, and 2002 campaigns for Commissioner.  Look specifically at page 2 for each year, and you will see he lied and did not disclose ANY! of his liabilities.  None of the Federal tax liens, nor civil judgements did he put down.  He lied to the citizens who elected him, because he knew if he told the truth he never in a million years could get elected.  These are just 3 examples of his criminal activity.  

View Dugger's "My company Timberlake is also a tax deadbeat" Federal Tax Liens  $262,916



Corrupt Commissioner Robert A. Dugger needs to be prosecuted for bribery and corruption, along with his soulmate, Al Coletta.  The information collected by Dumpdugger.com will go towards accomplishing this goal.

Dumpdugger.com was formed to collect information about Commissioner Robert A. Dugger, Adolph Perrone Coletta, also known as Al Coletta, and Rachel Dugger. Please email any information that one wants to provide to:


Given the threats and lawsuits that Coletta has made to a number of citizens in North Bay Village, some of you may be hesitant to come forward with information. Your identity will be protected. Dumpdugger is interested in any and all information one wants to provide, but especially information that involves:

1. Unethical and illegal conduct by Dugger or Coletta

2. Condo board vote tampering at condominiums managed by Dugger’s company, Timberlake

3.Voting irregularities in the general and run off election for City commissioner that Dugger won.

4. Criminal history's we may not have (recently received Rachel Dugger's arrest report and mugshot for disorderly conduct)  

5. Any other Dugger campaign irregularities involving him or his campaign treasurer and wife Rachel Dugger. 

6. Conflicts of interest involving Dugger on the North Bay Village Commission.

7. Conflicts of interest involving Al Coletta's attorney, Eric Glazer.  Glazer also represents Bayshore, and has a professional relationship with Dugger.


Information specific to Al Coletta

1. Any information regarding Coletta's current and past loan sharking activities.  Victims, witnesses, threats, intimidation tactics 

2. Coletta's background from Albany, NY to Miami, FL 

3.  Specifics of his arrest history

4.  Employment history

5.  Real estate transactions

6.  Political support of candidates who ran for office whether they won or lost

7. Any physical and legal threats he has made to anyone


Contact:   dirt@dumpdugger.com




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