Letters from the issue of Thursday, October 9, 2003


Over the Edge in North Bay Village

Potty-mouth free weekly pushes journalism envelope: I want to thank Francisco Alvarado for his journalistic aggressiveness in telling the story of my living nightmare in North Bay Village ("Thug Meets Pug," October 2). The New Times has extended the edges of regular journalism by not being timid about telling a story with raw language. The story was written with no holds barred, which gave the readers a sense of the rabid emotions that make up Al Coletta's personality. It also gave new hope to the many people who have been tormented, threatened, and ripped off by Coletta and North Bay Village Commissioner Bob Dugger.

This story has given courage to a significant number of these victims who have come forth. I have received numerous e-mails at www.dumpdugger.com that have provided new information that exposes significant additional questionable activity. We all look forward to the day the State Attorney's Office concludes its investigation.

Fane Lozman

North Bay Village

Editor's note: Twenty-five North Bay Village police officers have signed and circulated a petition expressing "no confidence" in Commissioner Bob Dugger and demanding his resignation. See page 15.